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If you are struggling to get keep your Sql infrastructure under control, hiring one of our Sql Server Experts can take the pain out of complex and pressing issues.

Most people that work with Sql Server do a reasonable job of managing their environment. But there is just something special about hiring a Sql Server Expert to give a second opinion or to help solve particuarly difficult problems.

Sql Server Experts from Data Tao providing high quality consulting services


Diagnostic tools used by our Sql Server Experts. 

We  use special diagnostic tools that allow us to see if there are issues with disk I\O or san performance for example. We have powerful scripts that look into Dynamic Management Views (DMV's) that can identify bottlenecks in the operational running of sql server. We are also well versed in interpreting the output from various logs to help us get to the bottom of unusual or tricky issues.

As Sql Server experts we pride ourselves in being up to date with the latest technology, bugs and issues. All so you dont have to. We can provide our services in person, over the phone or by VPN. We have a preference to using VPN particularly when there is need to respond to an emergency in a matter of hours.

 Mentoring and best practice implementation from our sql server experts

Unlike other Sql Server Experts, we want to see our clients do well and eventually become self sufficient. We dont want to hang on to knowledge unnecessarily and have our clients become dependant on us. We will implement training and mentoring at every stage of the process imparting precious knowledge and golden nuggets on your personel.

Our team of Sql Server Experts can save you money

By examining your existing environment our Sql Server Experts can actually save you money. Yes thats right, save you money. We are experts in performance tuning overloaded systems and giving you more efficient architectures to perform your operational tasks. Rather than needlessly throwing hardware at overloaded systems we will find ways to optimize your existing environment.

As well as making systems more efficient we can also perform a licensing review and tell you the most optimal way to run your sql server infrastructure. This again will save you money. Quite recently we saved over £100,000 in licensing costs from one of our clients just by changing the licensing model that was used.

If the only tool you have is a hammer every problem becomes a nail

This is one of our favourite phrases when it comes to Sql Server. We believe that each Sql Server environment is unique and in need of unique solutions to certain problems. Whether your running a heavily loaded web based environment, an in house Business Intelligence solution or internal finance applications each system is unique. Often it can be the case that the people that manage the databases do not have such a diverse set of experience about working with the technology in different settings and find it difficult to see a balanced view.

Having viewed hundreds of  implementations our Sql Server Experts can easily spot if something is unusual or not fitting for the problem in hand. Using the same design patterns again and again between environments is not always the best solution.

Mark Blakey our in house Sql Server expert can help you resolve most complex issues with your environment from replication to kerberos SPN issues. Often the process starts with carry out a sql server health check and then providing a detailed report.

Speak with one of our Sql Experts now

Call 0845 094 0498 now to discuss your issues with our Sql Server Experts.  Alternativly you can use our contact form to submit your enquiry.  


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